Hoboken Adventurer’s Day Camp will use www.airnow.gov to determine when outdoor time will be reduced or eliminated. To see the air quality for Hoboken, parents should use zip-code 07030 at that website.

With AQI (Air Quality Index) below 100 and usual summer weather, we will be outdoors two sessions per day and one will have water play. On very hot days, it’s possible both sessions will have water play and if we’ve had poor weather days, poor AQI days or expected days where we won’t be outside: we may do a third session outdoors on a nice weather day.

With AQI between 100 and 149, we will reduce time outside, adjust our schedule so we are outside during parts of the days with better conditions and change our outdoor activities as to reduce the intensity.

With AQI of 150 or above, outdoor time will be very limited or not at all, at the discretion of the camp director and our schedule will be adjusted.

As we have a large indoor facility with tons of activities: we do not need to go outside to keep children entertained and productive. We will make an effort to add programming to make up for what we’re losing outside. This week we’ve added music instruction and billiards instruction and we’ll have more alternatives as the summer progresses.